Ede Tower

The Ede Tower project was built in Incek, Ankara’s new centre of attraction, on an area of approximately 5792 m2, and settlement started as of 2017.

Ede Tower is located in a central location, with its proximity to educational institutions, shopping centres and important transportation axles. Ede Tower, a 35-storey tower housing project overlooking Mogan Lake and Ankara, has 121 residence apartments.

Equipped with a smart home system and the ability to manage the apartment with a mobile phone, Ede Tower offers a privileged life with its original architecture, its importance to security, the quality of the materials used and social areas. The 1+1 apartments in the project have areas of 76-81-87 sq.m net, 2+1 sq. m net, 3+1 sq. m net, 133-163-169 sq. m net, and 4+1 sq. m net. Ede Tower also meets the social needs of its residents with its floor gardens, large balconies, Finnish bath, sauna, fitness room, sports pitches, children’s park and indoor and outdoor cafeteria.