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The commercial activities of Melih KARABACAK and Hakan Karabacak who are the partners of the company, in the iron and steel sector started in the 1990s and after the establishment of Detaş Sac A.Ş., the corporate structure existed. The company carries out its commercial activities with its product range consisting of construction iron, profile, tube and iron sheet group with its strong distribution fleet including central sale warehouse in Ankara OSTIM, business centre and sale warehouse in Hatay-Payas, factory, warehouse and sale office in Karabük, Silivri warehouse and sale office in Istanbul.

The company has become one of the largest companies in the sector both in Ankara and throughout the country in which it operates in a period of about 20 years. Firm with paid-up capital of TL 65 million;

  • Turnover for 2016 was TL 914 million,
  • Turnover for 2017 was TL 1.6 billion,
  • Turnover for 2018 was TL 2.3 billion,
  • Turnover for 2019 was TL 3.1 billion,
  • Turnover for 2020 was TL 4.2 billion were achieved.

The company entered the Fortune 500 Turkey’s Largest Companies list in 2016 with sales turnover at 202nd place, in subsequent years 2017 with sales turnover at 150th place and 2018 with sales turnover at 127th place, 2019 with sales turnover at 109th place and 2020 with sales turnover at 84th place has been successful.

In May 2018, the company headquarters construction, in June 2018 on steel wire mesh factory construction started in Karabük OSB on 48 decare field with 4 thousand square meter indoor facilities, largely using equity and steel wire mesh factory construction completed and started to operate in January 2019. The company general administration centre building was completed in April 2019 and started operating under the same roof with all of our group companies.

In the coming period, it is aimed to increase steel mesh production capacity and start export activities.

As of the year end on 31.12.2018, Detaş Group Companies, whose total assets were over TL 500 million, had a turnover of TL 3.6 billion as of the end of the same year. As of October 2019, 200 staff are employed in the companies within Detaş Group.






Apart from the iron and steel sector, which is the locomotive of Detaş group companies, another of the sectors in which it operates is construction-contracting. Detaş Konut İmar İnş.Taah.Mad.San.Tic.A.Ş. (capital: 30 million TL), which was established in 2004 and the other firm was established as Karabacak Kardeşler in 2009, as of April 2016 turned to Ederay İnşaat Taah.San.ve Tic.A.Ş. (Capital: 5 million TL) continues with the new title of two companies operating in the construction sector.

A contracting companies to be mentioned construct dams, hydroelectric plants, ports and marine structures, roads and bridges, irrigation facilities, sanitation facilities, drinking water and sewage treatment plants, water transmission lines, and tunnel diversion systems, substations, fiber optic lines, public buildings, houses and social facilities.

The contracting group has also successfully completed many projects of 48 million TL with the ability of Eti Mining Enterprises General Directorate “Emet Bor Operation Directorate Espey Open Quarry – 25.850.000 ton decopage work” and all kinds of forced pipes, hydromechanical materials and steel construction production and assembly before the contract term.

The works to be carried out presently are DSI dam, pond, Ministry of Agriculture National Botanical Garden work, Ministry of Health Hospital construction work, EGO campus construction, Sakarya Municipality drinking water and HPP construction, Ministry of National Education tourism high school and hotel construction.




Founded in 2011, the company started the project after obtaining a power generation license from EMRA and completed the construction of Çandır 1 Regulator and Hydroelectric Power Plant in Çandır District of Antalya province. As of April 2016, the installed power of HPP is 1.8 MW and it has been generating over its installed power for the last 3 years. All of the electricity produced is sold to EXIST.